TEak buffet 8 drawers

Sigende buffet made of teak solid wood

Teak buffet 8 drawers

Rounded left and right end sideboard 4 doors and 8 drawers. Made of grade A teak solid wood, floating beveled panel 2 rounded doors left and right side, 2 panel door center. 4 drawers top, 4 drawers center. Solid brass drawers hinges, solid brass knob doors and top drawers pulls, solid brass shell shape center drawers pulls. Each door covering a removable shelf inside.

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Manufacturing teak chair

Teak stacking chair – timber processing and manufacturing

Teak Furniture - stacking chair

Teak furniture market is currently dominated by cheap furniture made of small size/young timber obtained from the gray market. Some of this cheap teak furniture is sold as is, different in colors. But, mostly are sold after color uniformity by using sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide usually known as bleaching or CHEMICAL Treatment.

Indofur furniture manufacturer, has long been making high quality teak furniture. We only use teak timber that harvested from plantations owned by Perum Perhutani. We select the timber with a minimum diameter of 40 cm to make furniture with a uniform color.

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Teak console table Sitoguran

Sitoguran teak table

Teak furniture - sitoguran table

Plain, simple, and strong console table. Made of grade A teak wood, mitered joints top leaf to legs, smooth sanded finish. All of teak timber used to built our teak furniture is obtained from Perum Perhutani teak plantation with minimum diameter of 40 cm. We do not apply any chemical treatment or bleaching, the teak color is naturally uniform. Properly weathered or exposed to rain and humidity, kiln dried to 8% MC.
Width : 120 cm, Depth: 50 cm, Height: 70 cm.
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Modern and Contemporary teak furniture by INdofur.

Our teak garden furniture is manufactured from harvested trees grown on teakwood plantations following sustainable-yield practices. This process is managed and controlled by PT Perum Perhutani, an Indonesian government agency tasked with preserving this natural resource for generations to come. You can find cheaper products crafted from “gray market” trees culled illegally from non-regenerating resources. But we think you should avoid this for obvious reasons.We use only “one side clear”  teak heartwood with a mix of straight and free grain. Components are visually matched to a high degree of color uniformity. You will not see any wood filler, inserts, gaps, cracks or bowing on our furniture and we use only premium quality glues that dry transparent. Continue reading

Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture by IndofurIndonesia, especially Jepara known as the town of patio furniture makers since the early 90’s. Unrivaled by other regions in Indonesia, this town has been exported patio furniture to various countries around the world. Supported by the procurement and distribution of teak timber which is handled by the government, woodworking talents that are inherited from generation to generation, this city developed into a center of teak furniture industry.

The Jepara handmade patio furniture is available in almost every country in the world, exposed on the internet as the most eco friendly and durable patio furniture. If you search for keywords “Patio furniture” in Google shopping, you’ll find thousands of products that are handmade by Jepara people, spread among various online shopping web eq. amazon.com, brookstone.com, onewayfurniture.com, walmart.com, and thousands of other patio furniture websites. Continue reading

Cannisse Jati Reclaimed wood furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture

Cannisse Jati just released new reclaimed wood furniture collection at their website. All products made of reclaimed wood from neglected house or building, carefully rescued and handmade into beautiful an unique furniture pieces.

The style vary from antique reproduction, contemporary and modern style, finished in traditional wax, french politur, rustic and nitrocellulose top coated.

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