TEak buffet 8 drawers

Sigende buffet made of teak solid wood

Teak buffet 8 drawers

Rounded left and right end sideboard 4 doors and 8 drawers. Made of grade A teak solid wood, floating beveled panel 2 rounded doors left and right side, 2 panel door center. 4 drawers top, 4 drawers center. Solid brass drawers hinges, solid brass knob doors and top drawers pulls, solid brass shell shape center drawers pulls. Each door covering a removable shelf inside.

Width : 200 cm, Depth: 50 cm, Height: 90 cm.

  • Furniture
  • teak buffet sigende rounded end
  • Teak buffet sigende center drawers

Teak Wood

We only select teak wood from sustainable teak plantations, Perum Perhutani, on the island of Java. Perum Perhutani is the principal plantation forestry operation in Indonesia which responsible for regulating the number and size of trees which can be felled. These regulations ensure protection of forest vital to the ecosystem.

Furniture Finishing

Our furniture finishing team has expertise in various types of water and oil based wood surface finishes, varnishes and stains including Nitrocellulose(NC), Polyurethane, Lacquer and Shellac. The wood and finishing samples are available for customers who have confirmed purchase order.


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