Manufacturing teak chair

Teak stacking chair – timber processing and manufacturing

Teak Furniture - stacking chair

Teak furniture market is currently dominated by cheap furniture made of small size/young timber obtained from the gray market. Some of this cheap teak furniture is sold as is, different in colors. But, mostly are sold after color uniformity by using sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide usually known as bleaching or CHEMICAL Treatment.

Indofur furniture manufacturer, has long been making high quality teak furniture. We only use teak timber that harvested from plantations owned by Perum Perhutani. We select the timber with a minimum diameter of 40 cm to make furniture with a uniform color.

After sawing, the wood is exposed to the weather by leaving it under the sun and rain. Weathering can last for weeks, then processed into components. Although we only use a traditional kiln-dry, but we guarantee that the wood is kiln-dried to 8% MC. In assembling process the MC could rise to 21-15% depending on weather conditions.

If you sell grade A teak furniture with a uniform color you should contact us, because we are one of the few furniture makers in Jepara who still use the large size of the Perhutani Plantation teak wood.

  • Teak chair stacking
  • Manufacturing - Assembling the stacking chair
  • Manufacturing - ready to sanding
  • Manufacturing - wide slats back
  • Manufacturing - teak wood slats for seat
  • Manufacturing - Ready to deliver stacked in 5 pcs

Teak wood - Sawing

Teak planks

Teak wood - minimum 40cm diameter

Minimum diameter of 40 centimeters

Teak wood - weathering

Weathering the wood

Teak wood - kiln drying

Kiln drying

Teak wood - Components making

Teak chair components

Teak wood - Assembling

Teak chair assembling


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